Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete watercolor newbie there is one thing that will have more impact upon your painting than any other. PAPER.

  1. Make sure you buy watercolor paper. Watercolor techniques won't work on anything else.
  2. Buy the best you can afford.
  3. Test it first if you can.

Chances are if you're struggling to create the effects that you see in any of these tutorial videos, then the paper is the problem.

Cold pressed 300gsm rough watercolor paper is what we recommend. It goes without saying that the pads we produce are some of the best (and most affordable) watercolor paper we have used but there are other good brands out there too. Winsor & Newton, Arches, Hahnemuhle et al.

If you've just spent $8 on a A4 pad that has 30 sheets... we guarantee it will be garbage, the paper will almost certainly soak up the pigment very fast and make it impossible to blend. Use it for drawing or acrylic paint or something else, go and buy good quality watercolor paper and you'll instantly see the difference.

If you want to use our watercolor paper you can buy it here: