Watch the above video and then paint the pear.


Take your time. Don't rush the painting. Do your best to stay within the lines and don't panic if something goes wrong. If at any time you feel like you have messed the painting up, don't abandon it. Instead complete it to the best of your ability, mistakes and all.


Study your finished painting and notice which areas you'd like to improve on and the techniques you'd like to improve. Then paint it a second time.


Using the exact same colors as us is not as important as you might think. When these videos were created we did not have the color names on the pens and some of them have changed slightly. Here is a list of the colors named in the video and their corresponding pen:



Yellow: No.33 Marigold

Dark Blue: No.34 Dark Cyan

Green: No.06 Bottle Green

Dark Red: No.20 Red



No.30 Ginger

No.22 Dark Brown