This tutorial combines a lot of the techniques you have learned so far. Watch the tutorial through before you begin, then paint the Hummingbird!


Once you have finished painting the Humming bird twice it is time to return to Lesson 01. Take a close look at your first painting (The Bird of Paradise Flower) and notice where you could make improvements. Which techniques you did well and which need work. Once you have a clear idea which elements you would like to improve then paint it a second time. With all the techniques and skills you have developed with this course you will be able to see an improvement in your painting skills.




This matters a lot less than you might think. Watercolor is a very organic process and it is important to get used to the techniques rather than trying to produce an exact replica of each of these paintings. Watercolor paints change color quite dramatically depending on how much water you use, so even if you use the same colors the end result may look very different.

These videos were produced before we had the color names printed on the pens. The names have changed slightly but here are the colors we used:


No.40 Heron Blue

No.04 Grass Green

No.12 Rose Carmine

No.30 Ginger

No.34 Dark Cyan

No.06 Bottle Green

No.35 Blue Gray

No.25 Black




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